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Cannabeauty and Oral Beauty unite - the world's first CBD complex whitening toothpaste!

We have teamed up with the wonderful Sinéad de Butléir (@sineaddeblogger) and Boots Ireland where you can Buy Any 2 L.A. PACIFIC Products for €17! Limited time only.

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Introducing our Latest Superhero!

Meet our newest whitening toothpaste revolution – the world’s first CBD Complex infused multi-action whitening toothpaste!

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Help us make the internet a little smile – ier

We don’t get serious about much – but we are always serious about smiling. 

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Gone in 60 Seconds (Stain Sequel)

No this isn’t the 2000 American action heist movie… It’s the new, the improved 2020 L.A. PACIFIC action love sequel.

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Bad brush, bad brush, whatcha gun do? Whatchagun do when plaque comes for you?

Two minutes. Twice a day. Every. Single. Day.  Did you know that you spend 24-hours every year brushing your teeth? 

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I’ve got the POWER…To ask my Dentist ANYTHING

We know that a trip to the dentist can be daunting so we've listed our top questions that you are ENTITLED to ask.

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What Even Is An Enzyme? Let's find out..

Before we get into the Enzyme in our teeth whitening toothpaste we wanted to start with the million-dollar question: what are Enzymes?

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L.A. PACIFIC – what’s in a name?

L.A. a place that everyone seems to be born knowing – the iconic glitz and glam weaved into conversations pulsing with wellness and health. 

l.a. pacific

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