Have your sensitive teeth ever stopped you from consuming your favourite foods?

Have your sensitive teeth ever stopped you from consuming your favourite foods?

You are not alone! According to the Academy of General Dentistry, at least 40 million adults suffer from sensitivity in the USA alone. Teeth sensitivity is a common problem that most of us encounter in our life-time, it can be quite a barrier whilst going about your day-to-day.  

Typically, the most common sign of sensitive teeth is sharp pain when you consume hot/cold products. While it might start as a small annoyance, sensitivity can worsen as we get older due to the thinning of our teeth as we experience a decrease in our enamel (the first layer of our tooth). This can lead to a raft of other problems such as the increased risk of cavities, mental, and social problems in your daily life.  

 Listen to some of our customers where sensitive teeth made them feel uncomfortable and could not enjoy the foods they desire.  

  Meet Anna, a 24-year student at a renowned university.   

"It is annoying, and it feels like I am not getting the full benefit, I am not enjoying food like probably other people who haven’t got sensitive teeth. I wish I’d looked after my teeth better". 

 Sensitivity doesn't stop there. It also impacts the social life of many individuals. Imagine you have sensitive teeth, and you went out for a meal with your friends/colleagues.

One of our customers named Terrence, a 35-year-old male professional encountered social awkwardness. 

"If the food is too warm or too cold, I have to wait because the discomfort makes my skin crawl, which invariably means I delay everybody else at the table as I finish last. Or I end up only eating half the meal because everybody has finished, and I am conscious of holding everybody else up". 

 It is almost as painful as sensitivity itself and meant that Terence was left feeling awkward and hungry! At L.A. PACIFIC we believe encountering the problems that Sarah and Terence have is completely unnecessary.  

 Many individuals tend to ignore sensitivity at an early stage and end up spending a lump sum of money when the pain is severe. There is an old saying "prevention is better than cure". You can enjoy your favourite foods with no sensitivity if you follow certain steps and brush your teeth with a toothpaste that contains fluorides and potassium salts.  

The L.A. PACIFIC dental nerds have done thorough research and developed an e-book that contains our Top 5 Proven Ways to Reduce your Tooth Sensitivity with no or minimal cost. We have included all the resources and studies in the footnotes for you cause… #wegotyou 


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