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Seconds to whiter teeth



Whitening enzyme in the world





Sugar cane tubing and vegan approved

how it works

Drag the enzyme to see the science

Our unique enzyme complex eats the sugar in your mouth and turns it into natural hydrogen peroxide, dissolving stains on your teeth to make your teeth brighter and whiter.

California Mint
Pacific Sea Salt
Californian Crystals

4 in 1 Action Enzyme Whitening Toothpaste

L.A. PACIFIC Enzyme Whitening Toothpaste 75ml


*Independent clinical test conducted in the USA, March 2019

** You don't need to wet your toothbrush before or after application

California Mint
Pacific Sea Salt
Californian Crystals

Gum Health Enzyme Whitening Toothpaste

L.A. Pacific Gum Health Enzyme Whitening Toothpaste 75ml 


Made in Ireland *Independent clinical test conducted in the USA, March 2019

** You don't need to wet your toothbrush before or after application

California Mint
Pacific Sea Salt
Californian Crystals
Potassium Citrate

Extra Sensitive Enzyme Whitening Toothpaste

L.A. Pacific Extra Sensitive Enzyme Whitening Toothpaste 75ml 


*Independent clinical test conducted in the USA, March 2019

** You don't need to wet your toothbrush before or after application

Our clean commitment

Now there's nothing wrong with talking dirty...but when it comes to our oral beauty routine we think it should be squeaky clean.

We ain't here to cut carbs, we here cutting toxic ingredients...

Vegan Approved

Paraben Free

Cruelty Free

Toxin Free

Gluten Free

Sulphate Free

word of mouth

“It’s a natural peroxide, enamel safe + I like to keep my teeth white as I can…after one brushing you can definitely see a difference”



“I got an instant brightness with my teeth + it’s totally natural method that prolongs the whiteness which is what we all want”



“I absolutely love love this toothpaste. I was using whitening strips and oh the sensitivity was beyond a joke… This is it’s one of my best finds this year”



“The secret to my pearly whites is not that much of a secret, it’s @l.a.pacific obviously"



Definitely recommend 5/5. I started using this toothpaste approx. 4 months ago and have not looked back. I have also converted my family to using it. I have naturally very sensitive teeth and this is brilliant. Would definitely recommend!



Brightens my life! 5/5. Amazing product and so affordable, the difference in my teeth is incredible!!



“Top 50 under €50. Best sellers, new in store, 50 things that will add oomph to your beauty regime”


 “L.A. PACIFIC Enzyme whitening Toothpaste. The world’s first enzymatic whitening toothpaste”.


Everyone in the office has tried it, we’re obsessed – can confirm it’s amazing”


“Bright, white teeth without a huge price tag? Yes please. It is kind to your teeth whilst it whitens and brightens them! No bleach, No UV Light and no fiddly kit to put together, just a simple but effective whitening toothpaste!”


“I adore L.A. PACIFIC…I think, when you’re going to put on lipstick, it’s just as important as your lip brush and lipliner to do your teeth first…It’s a fabulous product, buy Irish!”


l.a. pacific

About Us

  • Who created L.A. PACIFIC?

    Hannah Moore founded L.A. PACIFIC in 2019. Hannah partnered with one of Europe’s leading dental experts (aka dental nerds) and beauty insiders to formulate what she believes is the best whitening toothpaste out there. She set out to make teeth whitening accessible, effective and safe for your oral health.

  • Why did Hannah setup L.A. PACIFIC?

    Hannah started whitening her teeth in 2008 using hydrogen peroxide strips with no clue about ingredients or whitening methods. She suffered extreme pain and sensitivity (even laughing was an issue…and she’s very funny…and also writing these FAQs 😉).

    Over the years Hannah started to move away from the “no pain no gain mentality” finding it insane that we would invite in UNNECESSARY pain to gain ANYTHING. She started researching (her efforts are likened to a country wide search patrol) and was shocked at the ingredients that these big companies were putting in everyday products, vague product descriptions and how little they invested in clinically proving their claims.

    While the toothpaste industry is monopolised by a few big players Hannah decided it was time for change. We now have our L.A. PACIFIC fam – a whitening toothpaste range that is premium multi-action, effective, provides instant whitening results, proven by independent clinical tests and is good for your oral health.

  • Where did the name L.A. PACIFIC come from?

    Hannah visited Los Angeles (L.A.) in 2013 and was blown away by how health and wellbeing were simply a way of life. She also grew up near the ocean which formed a close tie to its depth, mass and how it reminds her of how connected we all are. The marriage of the two in our name is a symbol for us to keep an open mind allowing us to be inspired by other cultures; and with that to remember that whilst we all have our unique energetic waves we are all inherently connected as one big ocean called being human. Read more in her blog post here.

General Product Questions

  • Does L.A. PACIFIC work on composite bonding?

    Composite bonding is where a tooth-coloured resin material (a durable plastic) is applied to a portion of your teeth. Your teeth are made of a porous material meaning they stain easily (as staining agents form chemical bonds with your teeth) and they can also whiten easily.

    Unfortunately, bonding resin is nonporous, however, there are two types of stains that can develop on a composite:

    1. Small abrasions or cracks can develop allowing stains to penetrate the material. In this instance, polishing as part of your professional dental cleaning regime could work to restore brightness.

    2. Another possibility is that tiny molecules (from coffee, red wine, smoking etc) have bonded with the resin and built up over time. This is because the resin is typically a combination of glass or quartz that is in a plastic binding agent enabling it to absorb tiny molecules. This can build-up over time and give a discoloured appearance to the resin.So unfortunately our toothpaste will not stain the composite part of your tooth but will whiten the natural part of your tooth that is still visible.

  • Where can I find L.A. PACIFIC products?

    L.A. PACIFIC teeth whitening toothpaste can be found at any of the all Boots stores in the Republic of Ireland.Alternatively, you can shop the range right here, our Amazon store or

    Welcome aboard - get ready #LAPACIFICcrew.  

    If you would like to stock L.A. PACIFC please email

  • How can I contact L.A. PACIFIC?

    For general enquiries please email or write to us at L.A. PACIFIC, The National Science Park, Mullingar, Co.Westmeath, Ireland

  • What is the shelf life of L.A. PACIFIC Enzyme Whitening toothpaste?

    We are one of those pals that will be there if you need us – we have designed our toothpaste to last a solid 3 years. Once you’ve opened your product we recommend using with 1 year.

  • Are L.A. PACIFIC products travel-friendly?

    Firstly, we are honoured that L.A. PACIFIC makes the cut in your teeny tiny liquid travel allowance and can happily say YASSSSSS at 75ml we are travel-approved. Holibobs, work trip or that wedding you really don’t want to go to…We got you.

  • Can I use whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

    Congratulations on your wee baba first of all! 😊 And yes, because we are aligned with clean beauty, we consciously select the highest-quality ingredients that do no present any toxic or potential for toxicity to you.

  • Can children use this toothpaste?

    Yes, our products are safe for your wee kiddies but we recommend adult use only (18 years and above).

    Our product contains 1400 ppm of Fluoride. Note official government guidance suggests that Children aged 7 years or above should only use products with less than 1400 ppm and Children aged below 7 years less than 1000 pm fluoride. Always check with your dentist.

  • Will using L.A. PACIFIC products make my teeth sensitive?

    No way Jose! We have carefully selected the highest quality ingredients to ensure our teeth whitening toothpaste only includes ingredients that present no known risk of creating sensitivity. This is the Clean Beauty revolution. 

  • What is RDA? What is abrasion?

    The American Dental Association (ADA) developed a method called Relative Dentin Abrasion (RDA) to determine the level of abrasivity of toothpastes or products that clean teeth. Abrasion is the level of effectiveness of a product to polish a surface. For example, sandpaper is a highly abrasive material used to polish wood surfaces.

    It is extremely important to understand how abrasive your toothpaste is because highly abrasive substances may be stripping your enamel and leaving you with sensitive teeth! Ouch. Our toothpaste has an RDA of 82 which is 35% less abrasive than your average whitening toothpaste (for sale in the UK and Ireland).

  • Can I use L.A. PACIFIC whitening products during my orthodontic treatment?

    Tooth be told we know there’s nothing sexy about your pal telling you that you have spinach in a bracket or the never smooth removal of your Invisalign tray. We are here to try and change that – our products can be used as a safe and effective way to whiten your orthodontic treatment unless otherwise advised by your dentist.  

    If you do have brackets (brace treatment) we believe using our products will minimise the contrast of the lighter spot where the bracket was placed versus the rest of your tooth which is exposed to staining materials.  

Specific Product Questions

  • What are the benefits of the 4 in 1 Action Enzyme Whitening?

    This is our OG formula that promises to brighten, clean, lighten and refresh.

    The Brightening is as a result of our whitening Enzyme that interacts with the sugars in your mouth to transform it into an organically produced hydrogen peroxide. We are the world’s first to use an enzyme in a whitening toothpaste!

    It Cleans as the Enzyme is eating the sugars in your mouth and putting them to good use it means that bacteria can’t feed of them. To get to you to that smug “OoOo I’ve just had my teeth cleaned by the dentist” feeling we have also added Pacific Sea Salt that gently exfoliates your teeth and Sodium Fluoride to prevent decay / tartar build-up.

    The Lightening action is achieved with our Californian opalescent crystals that leave a thin film that has a blue hue on your teeth leaving you with a glowing smile, especially when it catches the light making your teeth look whiter #highlighterforyourteeth.

    Finally, our toothpaste will keep your mouth Refreshed as an iced oat milk latte on a warm Californian day #itsMinttobe. We have got our hands on some of California’s premium mint leaves to leave you with crisp fresh kissable breath.

  • What is the difference between the 4 in 1 and the Extra Sensitive Enzyme Whitening Toothpaste?

    Our Extra Sensitive Enzyme Whitening toothpaste has all the same benefits of our 4 in 1 Action Enzyme Whitening toothpaste with the addition of Potassium Citrate. The use of Potassium Citrate is commonly used as an effective way  to reduce or alleviate the discomfort from sensitivity.

    Our founder, Hannah, knows from personal experience the pain that sensitive teeth can cause and understands that even when your teeth are sensitive you still want white teeth. This product is perfect for anyone looking to whiten teeth with zero sensitivity.

  • Where did you conduct your Independent Clinical Tests?

    We enlisted the smarty pants over at University of Indiana, USA to perform Stain Removal and Relative Dentin Abrasivity tests on our enzyme whitening formulas. These tests were conducted in March 2019.


  • Do your products contain Fluoride?

    Yes, our products contain 1400pm or 0.31% w/w. This is less than approved maximum level of Sodium Fluoride which is 1500pm as per the American Dental Association (ADA) #safetyfirst

  • Why do you use Fluoride in your products?

    There is an ongoing debate in the brushers world whether Fluoride should or shouldn’t be in toothpaste. Here at L.A. PACIFIC we passionately believe in the benefits of Fluoride as a method of anti-decay and for cleaning.

    We have aligned ourselves with the guidance from the American Dental Association (ADA) and many other recognised institutions on the safety approved levels of Fluoride. For example, all toothpastes with the ADA Seal of Acceptance must contain fluoride. 

  • Do L.A. PACIFIC products contain synthetic Hydrogen Peroxide?

    Nope. No. Zilch. Zero. Nada - and any other way you think of saying “No”. Synthetic Hydrogen Peroxide and the damaging effects (short and long term) is the reason why L.A. PACIFIC was founded.

  • What is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)?

    SLS is typically used as a surfactant or foaming agent. Some research has found that 85% of toothpastes on the market contain SLS. ⁠SLS can be taken from petroleum or vegetable based sources (e.g. coconut and/or palm kernel oil).⁠ ⁠ SLS doesn't actually play an active role in keeping your teeth clean BUT it can cause irritation in your mouth, tongue may start to have a weird texture, or the SLS may cause, and/or irritate canker sores. ⁠In other words, it’s a “K. Thank you, next” from us #nomsayin.

  • What is Triclosan?

    Triclosan is a badass bacteria killer BUT has been shown to cause gut inflammation and disruption to hormones. In 2016, the FDA banned the chemical from soaps as it presented significant risk for long-term harm…yet is still allowed in toothpaste. It’s a NO from us.

  • Do your products contain alcohol?

    No, our L.A. PACIFIC product family are a bunch of sober judges! We understand that certain religions or life choices mean that some of you may not want any Alcohol in your products.

  • Is Sorbitol a Sugar Alcohol?

    Oh we love it when you ask the science-y questions #NerdOut. Why yesss it is. Whilst its classification has "alcohol" in the name, Sorbitol does not contain ethanol (the compound that makes you drunky wunky feel a little funky…i.e., drunk).  This makes it appropriate for those who identify with Islam as their religion.

  • Do you test on animals?

    You mean putting innocent loveable fur babies under unnecessary stress, pain and at risk of death. Not in a million years. You couldn’t pay us to. Our enzyme instant teeth whitening toothpaste is 100% cruelty-free.

    In 2013, the European Commission implemented a complete ban on the sale of cosmetics developed through animal testing in the EU. This has further progressed with a request for a Worldwide Ban by 2023! #dreambig

  • Are your products Vegan?

    Yes, our whitening toothpastes are 100% vegan. There are no animal derived ingredients in any of our products and we are proudly certified by the Vegan Society.


  • Are your products recyclable?

    Yes, they are! Our tubes are made from sugar cane and our cartons are made from FSC wood. Just make sure you give your wee tube a snip, pop off your lid and wash to prepare it for recycling!

  • Do you offset your Carbon Footprint?

    We have partnered with C-Level to offset our Carbon Footprint by supporting some of their Plan Vivo Network of projects that work with indigenous forests and peoples. C-Level provide a verified and holistic way for responsible businesses and individuals to act on carbon and inspire others to take the same action. They are B Corp Certified, part of a global movement working together to change the way we do business.

    We have supported the following projects:

    Communitree (Nicaragua)
    Award winning programme for tropical reforestation where people can connect with individual farmers planting native trees at scale.

    Hadza Hunter Gatherers (Tanzania) Protecting forests in Yaeda Valley, home to a tribe living there for thousands of years, the 'last of the first'.

    Khasi Hills (Meghalaya, India)
    Villagers in the Khasi Indigenous kingdoms working cooperatively to protect and restore forests and sacred groves.

    Plan Vivo Foundation is the original global standard for projects providing carbon, ecological and social benefits. All C-Level projects are certified by the Plan Vivo Foundation.

  • What is Carbon Balancing?

    Carbon Balanced means compensating for our carbon footprints by bringing together the natural power of ecosystems and communities to bring carbon out of the atmosphere and down to earth. By investing in carbon balancing projects creates positive action on your climate impact, on protecting and restoring forest ecosystems and supporting communities impacted most by climate change. 

  • How can I get Carbon Balanced?

    There are lots of carbon balancing initiatives out there – we have chosen to partner with C-Level.

    With C-Level there are two ways that you can offset our carbon footprint… RIGHT NOW:

    1. You can use the flight carbon calculator to simply understand the CO2 figures, or choose to offset your flight immediately through with our Plan Vivo award-winning projects, reforestation and conservation projects.

    2. Or if you have a fixed amount of CO2 you would like to offset then simply enter your details here.


  • What is your online returns and refund policy?

    Oh no ☹ at the L.A. PACIFIC HQ we pour our hearts and souls into the development from every product from inception at one of our Dream Storm sessions through to launch.

    As customers ourselves, we get it. We get how frustrating it can be when you are unsatisfied with a product or service so have designed our returns and refunds journey with that in mind.

    If you have any suggestions on how we could make this more seamless please let us know.

    If you feel like rating your online purchase with a ☹, you have 30 days (from the delivery date) to return it for a replacement or a refund if purchased directly from To be eligible, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. Any costs associated with returning the item are your responsibility and are non-refundable.

    To get started please email with your order number and reason for return.

  • How do I return and / or refund something I purchased in Boots or via Amazon?

    Eek to tell you the tooth it’s slightly out of our hands here. Any products purchased via a third-party seller are subject to that seller’s own returns and refunds policy. Soz.

    If you want to have a rant or think there is something we should know please email with your order details and a summary of events. You’re here, we’re here for you ❤️

  • What if there is something wrong with my product?

    Not cool, not cool at all. We pride ourselves on our products being as cool as our Californian Mint. If there is a quality issue with your purchase (which very rarely happens!) please email us at and we will deal with this on a case-by-case basis.

  • What if I’m not happy with results?

    We invested in clinically proving our claims of Whiter Teeth in 60 Seconds and 82% Stain Removal in Two Minutes to ensure we could be confident in our Enzyme Whitening toothpaste. As humans we  share having a mouth and teeth – yet the characteristics are unique to each of us.

    Please email so we can connect you with our dental expert and work with YOU to get you the results you deserve.

Shipping and Delivery

  • Does L.A. PACIFIC ship internationally?

    Our hearts are at home but our consciousness is global – making pals across the world is how we get inspired, how we learn and how we are constantly reminded that we are a part of something bigger.

    That’s why we ship internationally – brighter whiter smiles using enzyme technology all round. Get ready, we got you xoxo.

    Tag us on Instagram @l.a.pacific so we can see where we have been! #toothpasteontour

  • Can I track my order?

    It depends on the shipping option you choose.

    If you decide to track your order, you will be sent an email once your order is dispatched so you just like an overprotective parent can see where your L.A. PACIFIC baby is at all times #adulting.



  • How can I work with L.A. PACIFIC?

    We do not have any current vacancies open. However, if you toothfully think you would add value to the L.A. PACIFIC vision and team then please email with your CV, something that’s not on your CV and why you think you would be a good fit!

  • How would you describe working at L.A. PACIFIC

    We are:

    - Fun but effective

    - Science driven not academic

    - Friendly but professional
    - Innovative but relevant
    - Playful but not silly
    - Young at heart but knowledgeable
    - Visionary but realistic

    - Premium but accessible
    - Global but local

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