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What is Enzyme Whitening Toothpaste

E is very very, extraaa ordinary 4 in 1 Enzyme Whitening Toothpaste and lest we forget our Extra Sensitive Enzyme Whitening Toothpaste. 

What are Enzymes? Before we get into the Enyzme in our teeth whitening toothpaste we wanted to start with the million-dollar question: what are Enzymes? Enzymes are biological catalysts (i.e., they can speed up natural processes within our body). They use their dynamic structure to bind specific substances (aka special substances in our case sugar on your teeth); this binding transforms them into optimal performance. Almost all biochemical reactions are enzyme-facilitated. 

Wait what…we know it can get confusing. So think of it like baby-making, fun right? The substrate is a woman and the enzyme is a man. The enzyme binds itself to the substrate and the product of that bind is a child (see the picture). 

What’s special about our Enzyme? We are the world’s first to use an Enzyme for whitening toothpaste. Whilst you might see our Enzyme listed on the ingredient list (known as an INCI) of other brand’s teeth whitening toothpastes…None of them mention using the Enzyme for the actual teeth whitening mechanism. We have partnered with Europe’s leading dental expert formulator to come up with the world’s first enzyme whitening toothpaste that gives you instant teeth whitening results*

How does it work? Our Enzyme interacts with the natural sugars in your mouth to create an organically produced bleach. In two minutes, the formula is clinically proven to remove 82% of stains*. Second to that, the power of our Enzyme also lies in its ability to take the sugar on your teeth (aka food for bacteria that can lead to cavities), use it and transform it into something that will whiten your teeth. 

Get your hands on the newest, most effective and enamel-safe whitening product on the market via or in any Boots Ireland store!


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