Smiling girl on beach holding blue toothpaste

L.A. PACIFIC Toothpaste – what’s in a name?


Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe – not while I’m in Los Angeles anyway. L.A. is one of those places that everyone seems to be born knowing – the iconic glitz and glam weaved into conversations pulsing with wellness and health. 

Our founder Hannah visited L.A. in 2014 and has been pining over it ever since. She was blown away by how health isn’t a temporary desire or distant memory of that green concoction you ordered after spin class in 2015; it’s a philosophy lived and breathed by the community…all whilst looking totally fiercely fabulous. 

The Pacific. A place with no end and no beginning - “how inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean,” remarked author Arthur C. Clarke. The Pacific Ocean is home to the deepest part of the sea, holds over 50% of the world’s ocean water and is larger than all the land on earth. 

So how, what, why, did Hannah bring the two together? As a citizen of the world Hannah always says “my heart is at home, but my consciousness is global”. Hannah is inspired by different cultures, ways of living, beliefs and nature. Pairing L.A. with the Pacific is the perfect marriage between beauty and science #madematchinheaven

  1. A lifestyle aligned with our best interests at heart
  2. A habitat so vast and vital to our existence its presence reminds us that we’re apart of something bigger, we belong to something bigger and are connected inextricably.

Destination: L.A. PACIFIC 

L.A. PACIFIC is a destination putting its mark on the map – a magical place inhabited by our family of products. We offer the world’s first enzyme whitening toothpaste and promise whiter teeth in 60 seconds* - all proven by independent clinical tests. Whether it’s our 4 in 1 Enzyme Whitening toothpaste or our 4 in 1 Sensitive Whitening version you’ve selected, you’re a part of the L.A. PACIFIC crew. Packed with Californian Mint to leave your breath fresh, opalescent crystals to give you a “highlighter” for your teeth and finely milled Pacific sea salt to gently polish those pearly whites. 

You can get the L.A. smile glow from the comfort of your bathroom without damaging our oral health or our beloved ocean. 

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