Girl smiling on beach holding toothpaste

Help us make the internet a little smile – ier

We don’t get serious about much – but we are always serious about smiling. That’s all types of smiles. Wonky smiles. Crooked smiles. Gap tooth smiles… we love them all! 

There's a serious lack of serious smile diversity on the internet. Search "smile" in any image gallery and you’ll be scrolling for a while before finding a single rogue tooth that’s going left when everyone else at the tooth party is going right. We're here to change that.

We believe that you don’t need the “perfect” smile OR white teeth. It’s the same as NOT needing make-up, new clothes, or white teeth to feel confident. What we do know is how we FEEL knowing we have healthy white teeth – we’re quite literally glowing from the inside out. 

Help us grow our image library by using #LAPACIFICSmile or uploading your own photo of your pearly whites. We want to SEE you in all your glory. Straight teeth. Missing teeth. Wonky teeth. The internet could use a little more spice #spiceupyourlife

Get that California Beaming smile!

Our world’s first enzymatic whitening toothpaste promises Whiter Teeth in 60 Seconds. 

  • The Enzyme in our multi-action formula interacts with the sugars in your mouth to create a naturally produced bleach. 
  • Californian Opalescent Crystals leave a thin film that has a blue hue on your teeth leaving you with a glowing smile, especially when it catches the light making your teeth look whiter.
  • Our finely milled Pacific Sea Salts naturally derived through slowly evaporating the sea water. The resulting salt crystals act as micro polishers cleaning teeth - 30% less abrasive than average whitening toothpaste. 
  • We have double whammy-ied on the cleaning with Sodium Fluoride - a naturally occurring mineral which helps strengthen your teeth and prevent decay (anti-tartar).
  • Keeping your mouth as fresh as your IG content is our California Mint
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