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Gone in 60 Seconds (Stain Sequel)

No this isn’t the 2000 American action heist movie… It’s the new, the improved 2020 L.A. PACIFIC action love sequel. Making its star debut – the Enzyme and co-starring Bad Boy ToothBrush, Miss Sassy Sea Salt, Cali’s very own Crystal Maze, Minty Fresh and S Fluo-Rida (aka Sodium Fluoride). Now showing at a Boots near you. 

This iconic team are working together to restore Bright City to the glow we all knew and loved. How, you may ask? Working from first thing in the morning and all through the night, this bad-ass team won’t stop until they have robbed all the stains from the land and return the city to its grandeur glow. The plan (spoiler alert):

  1. Disrupt the Bond
    The names Bond, Stain Bond. For a stain to occur, the staining agent (coffee, wine etc) ties itself to the surface of your tooth. Bad Boy Brush is the first up – with his fresh bristles (and co-stars in tow) he lets the stain bond know they aint here to mess around.
  2. Activate Surface
    No it’s not a new type of surf it’s all the extras in our formula (surfactants) working to active the surface of your tooth to prime it for operation transformation. 
  3. Dislodge Stain
    Miss Sassy Sea Salt is up next – she’s gentle but effective. She uses the prowess of her edges to dislodge the broken bond sending it on its jolly way #byeFelicia
  4. Brighten(zyme)
    The Enzyme interacts with the sugars in your mouth to create a natural hydrogen peroxide. This creates a new healthy bond giving you that bright healthy white smile in 60 seconds. 
  5. Lighten
    Crystal Maze – she will mesmerize you with her beauty. This opalescent crystal leaves her mark wherever she goes in the form of a blue film over your teeth. So, when the light catches you’ll sparkle like a diamond. 
  6. Fresh ‘n Clean

Finally, we have Minty Fresh. Straight from Cali’s Venice Beach this babe is there to banish nasty smells and odors. So, you’re able to take on the world. 

It’s the sequel of the year. Don’t take our word for it… Screenings at 7AM and 10PM daily. Buy now 4 in 1 Enzyme Whitening or Extra Sensitive Enzyme Whitening Toothpaste. 

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