Sinead de Butléir

Cannabeauty with Sinead de Butléir (Nurse + Blogger)

We have teamed up with the wonderful Sinéad de Butléir (@sineaddeblogger) and Boots Ireland (@boots.ireland) to share our amazing offer in-store and online at Boots Ireland where you can Buy Any 2 L.A. PACIFIC Products for 17! This includes any combination of 2 of our: 


Why we partnered with Sinead?

We love Sinéad as not only is she our go-to gal for all things fashion, make-up and wedding planning, she is also a full-time nurse working on the front line helping to save the health of our nation! 

Sinéad has suffered with Gum Disease for a long time, despite flossing and looking after her teeth. As a nurse, Sinéad knows that people with gum disease can be two to three times the risk of having a heart attack, stroke, or other serious cardiovascular event as research indicates that plaque on your teeth may be connected to plaque in your arteries!

A gal after our own hearts, Sinead says her morning coffee is an absolute MUST before she embarks on her 13-hour shifts. With L.A. PACIFIC in hand, Sinead isn’t worrying about nasty coffee stains instead giving her instant pearly whites. With Sinéad out there saving lives we thought it’s only fair that we help to save her gums while keeping her beautiful smile white 😉 

What’s Sinead been talking about online?

We thought the queen of gums would be the best person to help promote the queen of offers – yep at and any of their 89 stores across the country you can get any TWO L.A. PACIFIC products for 17 EURO (upto 18% off).

Plus included in that offer is our Gum Health Enzyme Whitening toothpaste. We believe this is the most advanced gum protection and whitening system out there… promising you a burst of moisture in your mouth, soothing angry gums and clinically proven Whiter Teeth in 60 Seconds.

We are the world’s first to launch a CBD complex whitening toothpaste! Our complex encourages overall most and gum health thanks to the superhero ingredients CBD and Aloe Vera which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help with redness and inflammation. We cannot forget our bestie Vitamin E which helps to strengthen gum tissue! Whilst these bad boys are hard at work so is our unique enzyme whitening complex! Our enzyme interacts with the natural sugars in your mouth to create an organically produced bleach – meaning zero sensitive, enamel-safe and instantly whiter teeth.  


Our Boots partnership

Boots have been with us from the start and have always supported all the wild ideas we bring to the table. We are so delighted to be able to bring you guys this incredible offer all thanks to the legends in Boots who are Ireland’s leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer. We are stocked in ALL 87 Boots Ireland stores nationwide and online at! Make sure you don’t miss this deal as once it’s gone it’s gone… like your teeth if you don’t look after them with L.A.PACIFIC  😉 hehe (joke but we bet they’d waaaaay prefer it).

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